There are many things I am not good at. One of those things is forcing myself to eat. I am so not hungry today and the prescription ibuprofen is doing a number on my tummy. Upset tummies make me really not want to eat. But I'm eating. And I'm taking the damned pills cause I have to.  I feel like crap and between the upset tummy and forcing myself to eat so I can take the stupid pills I'm feeling pukey.

I've spent the last 5 hours on the futon feeling yucky. I have a feeling that's how the rest of the night is going to go.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. I may need to haul out my long cord so that I can work from the couch. The work server won't connect unless I'm directly connected to the modem. I'm going to try to work tomorrow. If I don't have to take any codeine (which I hopefully won't) there's no reason why I can't work from the couch.