A mostly liquid diet

I don't like this mostly liquid diet thing I've got going on.  The lack of carbs are making me cranky. I *live* for carbs. I have been managing to eat some white bread with butter. And I'm going to try to eat some instant mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. I know. Instant mashed potatoes.  Me. The person who is so totally against instant mashed potatoes bought and is going to make instant mashed potatoes.  I don't have the energy to make real mashed taters. So instant it is.

Other than that I've been eating soup. My friend Lav made yummy, yummy soups. And I had some Shipper's Carrot Soup that I made awhile ago in the freezer so I took it out and I'm eating yummy homemade carrot soup. And I bought some squash soup at the grocery store.

Since I forgot to buy eggs (I figure I could handle scrambled eggs...) I made a shake for breakfast. No straws! Straws are bad right now!  I took about 1 cup of milk, a package of carnation instant breakfast powder (chocolate), a couple of scoops of vanilla icecream and a spoonful of peanut butter and threw it all in the blender.

I had enough energy to go to the library to pick up some books. I grabbed two cookbooks. I am a fan of Cooking Light Magazine so I grabbed Cooking Light's Annual Recipes 2006. Then I noticed Fall Flavours and figured it was a really good time to grab it.  I think I might have taken it out before but I'm not sure.  Also foodie related a couple of The Nasty Bits was waiting on the hold shelf for me. If you live in the US you can enter your name in this giveaway and nab yourself a copy of it (thanks Denise).

I have a feeling I'm not going to get a whole lot of reading done though. I have a crappy attention span. But it should be good enough for nabbing some recipes from those cookbook books and a few magazines I have lying about. :)