Well as can be expected I guess

Well...my goal was to not pass out yesterday. I succeeded.

However the thought of having a full blown panic attack, something I've never had before, never crossed my mind. But that's indeed what I did do yesterday. Yay me.

I was actually quite good beforehand. Even when I was taken into the room it was ok. I had a very, very nice nurse. She gave me laughing gas (which took a bit longer to take effect than i thought it would) and then gave me my iv. We chatted for a bit and then the doc came in and she gave me the sedatives.

The next thing I remember I'm having a panic attack and they are trying to get me into the recovery room.

Note to my future caretakers - if I'm having a panic attack and I'm freaked out and alone yelling/growling at me isn't going to help.  There was one nurse who was sooo not impressed with me and my panic attack. Tough shit. No one told me beforehand that when I woke up my throat would be frozen and I couldn't swallow. Not being able to swallow at the dentist's office when they are doing a cleaning makes me a bit panicky. Waking up and not being able to feel my throast and swallow apparently freaks me the fuck out. To the point of hyperventilating.  Good times I'm telling you. They did eventually let my friend come to see me (possibly because the only thing I'd say to the nurses was that I wanted my friend) and about 10 mintues lated I calmed down.

And then a nurse made me cry. She growled at me for not biting on my gauze. I didn't HAVE any goddamned gauze. Then she shoved gauze in my mouth and envelope of gauze in my friends hand and more or less kicked us out. I didn't like her. At all.

And then it took the stupid pharmacy 45 minutes to get my prescription ready. Yay them.

But my friends took wonderful care of me. They made yummy soup and make me tea and then put ice-cubes in it so I could drink it.

I'm just not getting to the swelling phase. I need to start icing my face soon and I *hate* icing. Ice is cold. I don't like cold.