Drinking while I can

In one hour I have to stop drinking things. Well, and eating things but I'm not very hungry so I'm done with that already. I'm sitting here with my mega-sized mug of caramel rooibos. It's yummy.

I'm tired. I still have some things that need to be done though. Like logging into work and seeting my out of office reminder. Arg!

Ohh Bones just made me laugh. I like it when tv shows make me laugh. "He touched me with his creepy...serial killer hands." Yeah I know. It's really not that funny. I'm a highstrung tonight. Don't mind me. Carry on.

So far tonight I've lost shit (specifically a check from Blue Cross - it's here somewhere) and then lost my shit on the phone with my mother.  I'm not feeling great about what's happening tomorrow and really at this point do not want to do it.

Oh shit. I still have to write down the address for this place and the bus route I need to talk to get there.

Got it. Hmmm doesn't look like it will take me as long as I thought it would to get there. I'll still be leaving ridiculously early though. Cause I can't deal with being late.

Speaking of this whole bus thing - I often get queasy on buses if I have an empty stomach. sigh. I hope it's not too crowded tomorrow morning. Queasy and crowded is the pits. (I'm really happy I don't commute.)
Did I ever mention these wonderful notebooks I bought at the dollarstore? They are nice thick cardstock and they tear off to form index cards. I love them. I bought 4 but I keep meaning to go back for more at some point.

No posting tomorrow for sure. Maybe Friday. Maybe not.