Yay sleep!

I *SLEPT* last night. WOOHOO!!! Sleep it good.  Especially when the night before you are awake from 1:30am-6am.  I've started going crossword puzzles when I can't sleep. They help my brain settle down and give me a good indication of when my brain is tired out.

I did a LOT of walking yesterday. I think it helped with the sleeping thing.  Luckily I haven't sent kit-cat's package yet because I found something yesterday that *had* to be added (see cat - even though I haven't sent it I have been adding to it...the longer it takes me to send it the more goodies you get...). I think Shawn will like it too...
I bought myself a little teapot.  It's very cute. And about half the price of the ones that I was considering from the tea store. I love the St. Lawrence Market. It has everything.

After the St. Lawrence Market I walked to Kensington Market, which is where I found Cat's thing.  :) It's a nice walk, even if Chinatown can be a bit stinky. I saw dragonfruit and they made me think of Jules. I think I'll have to go back and buy one someday.

Completely unrelated and mentioning it because they are talking about it on the tv right now - the rumours about a romance between Peter McKay and Condoleeza Rice are freaking hilarious!