Food Network Canada Fall 2006

I finally got around to tracking down the fall 2006 list of new programs.  FYI for Americans (which would be umm...most of you) - shows shown on the American Food Network and Canadian Food Network differ.  Just in case you didn't know. So some of these won't be new to you but are new to us.

  • Feasting on Asphalt (Canadian premiere) - On the road with Alton Brown. From the description it reminds me the Great Canadian Food Show only not Canadian and with Alton Brown instead of Carlo Rota. Starts October 9.

  • Good Deal with Dave Leiberman (Canadian premiere) - keeping things quick, easy, inexpensive and tasty. I can roll with that. Starts October 5.

  • Ham on the Street (Canadian premiere) - It sounds like Candid Camera but with food... Starts October 5.

  • Nigella Feasts (Canadian premiere) - New series that doesn't sound a lot different from the old one. I'm not a huge Nigella fan so I'm not overly excited about this. Starts October 2.

  • Paula's Home Cooking (Canadian premiere) - I've heard a lot about this show from friends so I'm looking forward to it. Plus I gotta like a woman who once drank butter on her show. Starts October 2 - on every weekday.

  • Ricardo and Friends (World Premiere) - Ricardo has had a show in French for years and it out to make an impact on English Canada. Starts October 4.

  • The Heat (World premiere) - Follows Mark McEwen, caterer, and his team on the road. It has potential but I have a feeling may be lacking the snark of one of my favourite foodie blogs - The Food Whore. Starts October 3.

  • This Food with That Wine (World premiere) - Canadian food and wine pairing show. Could be interesting. I'm not good at food and wine pairing so I'd likely learn something. Starts October 3.

  • Top Chef (Canadian premiere) - following 12 aspiring chefs all competing for the title of Top Chef.  Starts October 3.

Also coming up this fall are new episodes of:

  • Family Restaurant

  • Restaurant Makeover

  • I Do...Let's Eat

  • Opening Soon

  • David Rocco's Dolce Vita

  • Made to Order

  • 30 Minute Meals

  • Barefood Contessa (about darned time)

  • Everyday Italian (see above)

  • Unwrapped

  • Food Competition Specials (I love these)

  • Iron Chef America