Shooter has been identified

And it turns out that he was a goth so they are now trying to say he did it because he was a goth.

The media is getting it WRONG AGAIN.

The goth community is not a violent community.

This was an apparently random act of violence.

This guy was a 25 year old man who was supposedly obsessed with guns and violent video games. Did you know that there is a video game based on on Columbine??? I didn't. It sickens me. This guy was a fan of it. He said that life is like a video game and we all have to die sometime. {editing to say what Cat did - he didn't do this because of videogames either - I'm just really disturbed that there's a Columbine videogame}

This guy was not violent because he was a goth. He was a violent person who identified with aspects of the goth community.

Don't blame this on the goth community.

I am not going to publish his name here any more that I will publish the name of the man who killed 14 women at Ecole Polytechnique. For years in press reports he was only known as M.L. and then at some point they started saying his name. M.L. killed those women because he wanted his name known. He said as much. I, for one, will not give him what he wanted.

It is the victims names that ought to be remembered by society. Not the people who commit the crime.