This isn't supposed to happen

Just saying. Not in a place that I still think of as one of my homes. I know it's not supposed to happen everywhere.

I know my friends are safe.  Marionopolis is locked down and I one of them is likely there. The rest are fine. I've had contact with them.

Of the 4 dead, apparently one of them may be the shooter that committed suicide. I don't know if it included the shooter that the police shot.

A third shooter may still be on the loose.

Cell phone service is pretty much non-existant. My heart aches for the parents who are trying to contact their children.

Concordia has set up a location for Dawson students to gather and find their friends. There is also a information numbers that parents can - 514-280-2880 and 514-280-2806. The hospital hotline for family members is 514-843-2839.