Fuck, Fuck, FUCK

From canoe.ca

At least two people shot at Montreal college

A man dressed in military fatigues stormed into the cafeteria of a Montreal college on Wednesday and began shooting, one student said.

Students at Dawson College said four people had been shot, including one in the neck.

An unconfirmed report also said one suspect was dead.

Devansh Smri Vastava said he saw the man in the fatigues and that he heard about 20 shots.

He also said teachers were running through the halls telling students to get out of the building, which is near the old Montreal Forum in the city’s west end.

He said at least three people were armed.

Ingrid Keigan, a 17-year-old student, said she saw one person outside who had been shot in the chest.

One student told radio station 940 News she saw two people who had been shot, including one who had been hit in the neck.

The student said a friend told her four people had been shot.

TV footage showed students fleeing the building which is near the downtown core.

People have also been evacuated from the nearby Alexis-Nihon shopping centre.

Right now I'm sitting here alternating between wanting to hit things, swear, and being thankful this isn't the college my friend teaches at.

I fucking hate this month.

update: Right now 4 people dead. 6 in critical condition.  Marionopolis is also on lockdown.