Work is crazy at the moment.

On top of that I got a message on my cell phone while I was on my home/office phone this morning. "Hi it's Aunt J. Your father had surgery last night. Things are going ok for the moment. You can call me tonight."


Have I mentioned I haven't spoken to my father in about two months? Nonetheless I know that this was not a planned surgery because to my knowledge my father hasn't been to a doctor in my lifetime.

Just got off the phone with her and it turns out that he had a blockage in his intestine that is either due to some sort of inflammation or it's cancer. He thought he just had the flu. He was admitted to the hospital Sunday evening. He had a colostomy yesterday and samples were sent to pathology. He will be in the hospital for 10-15 days minimum, more if it turns out to be cancer.

While he's in the hospital Aunt J and Aunt S (both his sisters) are totally ripping apart his apartment. It um...wasn't clean. That's putting it mildly. Everything is being junked and they will replace what he needs as soon as they know when he's getting out of the hospital. I had a hunch it wasn't very clean when he told me that he didn't want me to go in it when I was home in June.

They are also junking all his food because it's quite simply junk and he's not allowed to eat it anymore. I knew he was eating junk but there wasn't much I could do about it. The man will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him but will not make himself a salad.

Before he gets home they will get cable set up. Both myself and Aunt J have been bugging him to get cable for a couple of years (it used to be included with his rent but it's not anymore) and we now suspect he didn't because the apartment wasn't clean enough for anyone to come in. He'll have a in-home nurse visiting him when he firsts gets out. Aunt J is going to arrange for a house-keeper to come in every two weeks. I have a feeling she's going to be overseeing food purchases as well.

Ultimately we're going to try to get him into a seniors complex (he's 68). Not a nursing home but one of those apartment complexes. A number of people (me, Aunt J, my mother) have suggested this to him. It would be far better for him then where he's at now (I loath his landlords - the entire family creeps me out). He's resisted. I'm not sure how long he'll last against Aunt J.

So basically Aunt J is taking over. Makes sense. She's pretty much the only person who can really get him to do anything. She's also been in charge of his finances for as long as I can remember (all his accounts have her name on them as well). So she knows what he can and cannot afford to do.
And that's about all I know right now.