Two, two, two posts in one night!

The IFOA has posted it's schedule.


Now I just gotta figure out what I want to go to. The 1pm reading on Sunday October 22 is a given. I mean, Ami McKay and Sarah Waters at the same reading??? I'm sooooo there (cost $15 for non-members and I'm a non-member...for now at least). It would be tempting to go to the Farley Mowat interview at noon on the same day but I'm going to stick with the ladies. Ohhhhhh there's also a Sarah Waters interview at 5pm on the same day...hmmm...I'll have to think about that one.

The readings from the Short List of the GG awards Monday October 23 is tempting. The round table with Ami McKay and Janet Fitch on Wednesday October 25 looks like it could be interesting. On Thursday October 26 at 1pm there's a free round table on Children's Right to Read, but I'd have to take the afternoon off work. That same day at 8pm there's a reading with Janet Fitch and Jane Hamilton. Friday October 27 at 8pm there's an interview with Margaret Atwood and Michel Tremblay.

Aside from the one that is free I think all of those are $15 so I won't be able to go to *all* of them. This is going to take some planning though. And there are other good ones too. These are just the ones I find the most tempting at first glance...