Stupid floors

So last night I was getting ready for bed and was brushing my teeth.  My bathroom is teeny (I've seen smaller but it's still pretty darned small). I knocked over a bottle of lotion, which knocked over a bottle of Aveda hair gloss. The product fell on the floor and thanks to the wonder that is ceramic tile floor it smashed and then got product and glass over a 6 foot radius.  Oh yay. There's nothing like being down on your hands and knees at 11pm cleaning up an emollient and glass shards while yelling at the cat to stay away.

The even funner part - emollient is kinda oily. Add that to tile floors and you have a slip 'n slide. So not only was I trying to clean things up but I was using a degreaser so that I wouldn't fall and kill myself. It was only partly successful.  The tiles are still pretty slippery but less slippery than they would be without the degreaser.

At least my bathroom is mostly clean now. But now I gotta find another finishing product.  Or maybe I'll get another one of the Aveda bottles but I doubt it. I've been cheap with my hair lately...probably because I'm spending so much money getting it coloured. Stupid greys.