So not reading

I really have't been reading much. It appears I am allergic to September and am having too many headaches lately. Sigh. It's not uncommon for this to happen around this time of year. It started exactly 10 years ago this fall. It hasn't been this bad in a number of years thought. I've seen doctors about it in the past so I can't be bothered going again to my new doctor even though I really like her. I'm skeptical that there's much she can do for me other than throw some drugs my way and that isn't a lot of use to me. This time of year I'd pretty much be on them constantly. I can't do that. Plus you have to take the drugs relatively early in the headache phase and I have a tendency to wait out headaches because more often than not they are bad but tolerable. It's rare that they are *really* bad but last night was one of them.

Doesn't help the reading thing though.

So what have I been doing? I've been flipping through magazines. Mostly Canadian House and Home and Chatelaine. Sometimes Shape. I keep thinking that if I read it I might actually be inclined to exercise...It's been about three years and still no dice, lol. At least I've stopped buying it and just get copies from the library now. I love the library.

I've been reading blogs. Lots and lots of blogs.

I've been watching tv. I seem to be able to stare blankly at thing quite well now so TV is working for me.

I've been going out for walks, even with the headaches, thinking that the fresh air would be good for me. It's weird to be out around people when you're feeling "off" though.

Oh and I finally cleared the weeds from my "garden" which means it now consists of one very sad looking tree, some lemon balm and whatever weeds I've missed. Maybe I should just plant the entire thing with lemon balm next year. At least it would smell good.