T is for Tea

I grew up drinking tea. It wasn't a daily event but I remember it always being there and it was never a big deal for us to drink it (and yet we were not allowed coffee which I still don't understand). I used to be a pretty basic tea girl. Just throw me some Red Rose tea and I was happy. I still keep it in the house but it's more of an "I'm feeling sick and need hot tea with lemon and honey" tea these days. Shortly after I moved to Toronto I went through a huge Twinings Lady Grey phase. This was the first loose tea I ever bought. This was back in the day before I discovered tea shops.

Once I hit the loose teas I I hit a Cream Earl Grey phase. After that, near the beginning of the summer it was Jasmine Tea. For a cold yucky day when I want tea and no caffeine I'll turn to a cup of Santropol's Curiosi-tea. Starting shortly after the Lady Grey phase and still to this day I've been having a love affair with Rooibos tea*, especially President's Choice Vanilla Rooibos. I can blame the Rooibos affair on Lav since it was at her place that I first started having it. ;)

Today I stopped at my local tea shop (I don't live directly in the Beach but I'm only a short walk from it), The Tea Leaf. It was an impulsive stop. I was in the mood to try something new or maybe just pick up some loose Rooibos. They have no less than 9 different varieties of Rooibos! So I took home two small packages, one of Rooibos Caramel (it has actual chunks of caramel in it!) and the Rooibos Raspberry. I'll be trying them sometime this week...I think...

*Ok, before y'all start getting all crazy at me, I'm aware that Rooibos and some of the others I've mentioned are not technically teas, they are tisanes. If it's hot, steeps and is generally consumed like tea I'll call it tea.