My day so far

Woke up - headache.

Sat on couch and read blogs - headache.

Shower and get dressed - headache.

Go outside for a walk thinking it would help my head and I had stuff I had to pick up anyway - headache.

Shopping and feeling somewhat vaguely off-balance - headache and slightly poorer (ok, most was stuff I needed to buy...ok, not the books...or the loose tea but they had raspberry rooibos so I bought a small bag to least I didn't buy the teapot even though I really wanted it)

Coming in my apartment was reminded yet again that my landlord asked me too weed the umm "garden". I use that term very loosely. It's more a weed sanctuary. Pulled out most stuff but it still needs work. Lots of it. At least my lemon balm is doing well.  Maybe I could just plant an entire garden of that. It would smell really good...

Pull weeds for 30 minutes. Headache and itchy arms. Now instead of weed sanctuary have sad looking plot of dirt with one really sad looking tree (that I HATE but am not allowed to get rid of), lemon balm and weeds (although farrrrr less weeds). Think I'd best remember to take some Benadryl before bed tonight.

Current status: headache,itchy arms and now I'm tired and really don't want to clean.