A mix of everything today.

Why is it that every time I read an article on the evils of chick-lit I feel that I must read chick-lit? Like this article on how Chick-lit is Hurting America? Made me run and pick up the copy of Elements of Style that I bought at Goodwill for $2. I had a rebuttal to this earmarked to link to this but now I can't quite remember what blog I read it on...Oh wait! I found it! Rebecca at Shakespeare's Coffee had a few things to say about it. While it's true that I'm starting to find most chick-lit wearisome I'm really starting to hate this whole chick-lit controversy. The way I look at it people are reading and that makes me happy. I don't care what they read. I don't care what anyone reads. I'm just damned happy people are reading. I'm reading chick-lit right now because someone told me that I shouldn't and my mind will rot. That's right, I'm reading it JUST BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME NOT TO.

What else...oh, the Summer Reading Challenge. I didn't finish. Oops. But I did read a lot of books I enjoyed and I'm happy I did it. I wrote about it yesterday at BlogHer. Thank you Amanda for thinking of it and posting about it. I'll finish my list eventually. I also mentioned the RIP autumn challenge and I haven't decided whether or not I'll do it. I'm thinking of maybe reading 5 short stories instead of 5 books and throwing in a book or two if I have time. Still pondering.

It's a long weekend. WOOOHOOOOO! However, the remnants of Ernesto are making their way here and we're getting dumped with rain. So I'm going to go to the library and the grocery store and prepare for a weekend in. Not sure yet what I'll read. I have plenty of choices right now but I really want to get a start on Salt: A world history. I've heard a lot of good things about it.