I'm getting hit with a lot of comment spam right now.  And since I use the free wordpress blogs I can't ban IP addresses (dear wordpress folks - you know I love you oodles of zoodles but I'd really love to be able to ban my spammers...I know that if I were to purchase my own domain and use wordpress I could do it then but dudes, I'm just not quite that tech savvy..yet). Unfortunately the usually spectacular askimet spam filter isn't weeding these suckers out.
I may need to make some changes to my comments system. I may need to set it so that you have to be approved to make comments.  I *really* *don't* want to do this. Sometimes I get great one time commenters. If I have to do this it would affect all my blogs. I'm going to tough it out for today and see if the bloody spammers fuck off.

In the meantime please feel free to join me in a one-fingered salute to the spammers.

Dear spammers,

Go away.

Fuck you very much,