I love me some margs

All day today I kept reminding myself that I will be having a margarita tonight.  I love me some margs.  Such limey and tequillay goodness. And don't forget the salt.  Margs need salt.

It's been a *day*. Work was frustrating. It made me Cranky MsCrankypants for most of the day. But things got better at the end of the day. Around lunch time I also got to talk to aa coworker I haven't talked to in awhile and she seriously helped take the edge off my frustration.
After I logged off I had a shower and did my hair. I figure if I'm going out in public I might want to be clean. And not stinky.  I think I'm too lazy/tired to do makeup though. They boys have seem me without it before. I don't think they'll drop down in fright or anything.
And then next time you're having a bad day remember what my team lead once told me - it's gotta be happy hour somewhere in the world.

And on that note...I'm going to chill out for a bit and then go get me some margs!