A hunting I will go

I  need to do a hunt in my bedroom.  It seems that Piper has taken Catula and hidden him somewhere.

What is a Catula?

Catula is Piper's catnip filled bat. And she's hiding him someplace. And she'll go find him and get nice and high at inconvienent times. Like before phone meetings. Or before I go so sleep.

Basically times when I don't want a high cat I often find one.  And Catula is the one toy I think she's had pretty much our entire time together. Well...since she was old enough to have catnip anyway.
So tonight the Catula hunt starts...if I remember to hunt before I go out for dinner.  I don't think I'll be hunting much after dinner. I have a sneaky suspicion that margaritas will be involved at dinner.

{side note: am I the only person who foresees things a Caledonia ending with someone getting shot or maimed??? How many times have they had to call in the riot squad now?}