Hex and the Single Girl

hex and the single girlI have absolutely no clue how Valerie Frankel's Hex and the Single Girl got on my reading list. It's probably best that I don't know.

But I do like the frog on the cover.

This was sort of...odd I suppose. In many ways it was a typical chick-lit/romance type of novel but in another way it just simply didn't really follow the basic lines of a chick-lit. The plot, while still largely predictable as they often are in these cases, didn't follow the path that I expected it to.

The plot: Emma is a "good witch". She can send images telepathically to people by touching them. She uses this talent for good, or what she calls the "greatest good", by using it to match-make. Women hire her to telepathically send images to the men they like/love/lust. Emma's service only goes to the first date.

(I'm sorry, I keep getting distracted. There's "something" (actually multiple somethings) outside making chirping noises and I don't know what it is but I wish something would squash it. It's cricket-like but not a cricket and it kept me up for hours last night and it's out there again tonight and it's driving me CRAZY. I'd almost welcome back the evil vile neighbour's sub-woofer...)

Anyway, there's a client who hires her to go after a man. A very demanding client. That Emma does not like and does not get a good feeling from. Then, there's an accidental encounter between Emma and this man that has her all confused. But then there's all kinds of weird side things like the weight-loss supplement campaign and model, the criminal fraud case, the weird angry, secretive ex of a friend, and other stuff. It all ends up becoming connected in the end.

Not great. Not horrible. A few more twists and odd characters than the usual chick-lit serves up.