Born to Rock

nor to rockPut your hands up if you grew up reading about the antics of those mischievous imps Bruno and Boots??? Or if you wanted to attend Miss Scrimmages. You get bonus points if you wanted to go to camp just to try to escape like Rudy. If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about you a. are most likely not Canadian and b. have no clue that you sorely missed out on something wonderful in your formative years as a reader.

Gordon Korman quite simple rules (although his website could use some work...).

And he's ruling on a totally different level these days.

As much as I loved the MacDonald Hall series I must say, in this book, to me at least, he's showing a whole new side in Born to Rock. There's references to...are you ready for this??? SEX. In a Gordon Korman book! That just about blows my mind.

Gordon Korman is still doing what he does best - writing a good book about boys. I haven't read one of his books since um....I don't even know when but I was quite probably in elementary school.

In this case it's all about Leo Caraway. Leo is a senior in high school, smarty-pants, member of the young Republicans (although he mostly joined because of a girl), and was accepted early to Harvard. He has his future all planned out. But there is a X the form of a his biological father Marion X. McMurphy aka King Maggot. He's known for years that this man existed but it's only after stumbling on a article written by a friend of his that he realizes that his biological father is the lead singer of one of the biggest and baddest punk bands of the 80s. The original bad ass. The complete opposite of everything that is Leo. A misunderstanding leads to a blemish on his school record quick spirals into a summer like he's never had before.

It was fun. And quite funny in places. It actually had me laughing out loud at one point and I'll be first to tell you that it can sometimes take a lot to make me laugh out loud as opposed to just smiling and shaking my head. I laughed. Loudly. And more than once.

And now I kinda want to re-read the MacDonald Hall books. I love me some troublesome boys.