My butt hurts!

Today I went biking on the Toronto Islands with a coworker who is in town for the long weekend/short vacation. I've only been on a bike once in the last 10 years (or quite possibly longer). I spent the better part of 3.5 hours on one today.  My butt hurts! Actually my back is a bit achey as well. But I probably saw a lot more than if I had gone on my own since he used to live on the island (back when it used to have more inhabitants and schools and stuff).

I did pretty good at not getting a sunburn. I have a ring around my neck because that's the one place I didn't really reapply (not on purpose of course). It kinda adds new meaning to ring around the collar.  I did at least remember to reapply sunscreen to my ears (I had ummm some-degree of burn on them right after high school - what ever degree blisters???).

The islands were interesting. It's odd to think of people living in an area where they can't have cars (essential vehicles only on the islands).  The entire island isn't inhabited, just a few sections. Most people appear to get around by bike. And there are no stores on the island either! If you forget or run out of milk or toilet paper you're screwed!

You have to ferry over to them which is cool. I love ferries!
I'll upload some pictures soon. :)