Meal Plans

I like meal planning.  I'm don't really like prefab meal plans because a lot of the time I'm a mood eater ie. I eat what I'm in the mood to eat.  But every now and then I like to look at meal plans just to pick on patterns, etc.

I was cruising around Chatelaine the other day looking for a specific article when I noticed they have meal plans.  I took a peak in and I was rather impressed. They have a number of different ones. They have everything from an energy-boosting meal plan to a cheap and healthy meal plan (this particular one is designed for one person - useful for students!). They also have vegetarian, low-carb, etc.

One thing I like about most of these meal plans is that you can print out a grocery list for the whole week OR for individual days.  This is very handy if you look at a variety of their meal plans and don't want to stick to any one meal plan but take a bit from each.  A lot of the meal plans use leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day. I know this isn't a great system for a lot of people but it's something that I do a lot (in part cause it's often just as easy or easy to make two servings of something at a time as it is one).

I have these bookmarked and I'll keep them to refer to when I'm in a rut.  Maybe it will help me with my breakfast rut. ;)

If you check out their meal plans take a bit of extra time and check out their recipes. Chatelaine has some great recipes. :)