Active living


More than usual anyway. According to my rough map and guesstimations I biked about 11 km yesterday (no wonder my ass is sore...).  Then today I walked about 6km.

I did both at a slow rambling pace with lots of breaks. It wasn't for the exercise as much as it was for just simply getting outside.

My legs hurt. I'm not quite as glowing white quite as I was earlier in the week. I have a bit of sunburn here and there (I wore sunscreen I swear!) but mostly my freckles are just running together.

Tomorrow is supposed to be fairly nice as well and I think another walk is in order. I'm going to try to do a little less rambling tomorrow and actually really walk. I want to know how long it takes me to walk the distance I walked today without breaks. Or at least see how long it takes me to get to the halfway point of todays walk without breaks since I might want to stop and sit and read outside for a bit tomorrow.  But I want to start walking more regularly. It's not something I have to pay to do and right now I can't afford to pay to do much (I'm putting myself on a financial diet, I've been spendy lately).  Who knows, maybe if I start walking regularly all month I can even get into running in the fall.  I'd have to move to the gym and treadmill to continue during the winter but that's ok cause I'm planning to join the gym in September or October anyway (if all goes as planned).

It feels good to get outside and get moving.  :)