Sunshiney day!

Have I mentioned that the evil vile neighbours moved out??? Do you know that means I that I can actually move around the common areas of this place without feeling like I'm going to be verbally assaulted or condescended at any point.  Yayyyyyy!

I've been outside three times today. THREE!!!  I went out this morning to get Starbucks. I went out at lunch for samosas and library books.  Then after work I went shopping.

Shopping for what??? Something I very, very rarely buy. In a word - shorts. You see...I'm more of a skirt girl.  I'm not fond of shorts and I don't find them particularly flattering.  But tomorrow I'm renting a bicycle (and possibly a canoe - woohoo!). A skirt just isn't going to cut it. I do have a couple of pairs of shorts.  One pair is probably too short to wear and they aren't very comfortable. Another pair is in no shape to wear in public but I keep cause they are so comfy.  Another pair is white and I just *know* I'd sit in something.  I noticed this morning that a local store, Threads Lifestyle, was having a sale so I popped in after work.  And I bought shorts (these in julep - they are much cuter in person, trust me). I almost bought capris (which I also don't find exceptionally flattering) but the shorts where way cuter.  Also, they had all kinds of shoes there and I *totally* fell in love with a pair but umm...I can't afford them. Not now.  But it's got me thinking things.

I also stopped at the butcher (but oddly didn't buy meat...), Blockbuster and the LCBO (forgot my Air Miles card, boo since that's the only place I tend to collect them).

So I have food, beer and a movie for tonight.  Yay!

What movie? Mrs. Henderson Presents.  I've been told that it's pretty good. I've also been told that it's worth watching to see Judy Dench say "pussy".