Consensus is...

I am brilliant.

And not only because my assessment of not one but TWO techy situations was spot on.

No. I also took the arms off my deskchair after lunch. Why??? Cause I'm a little thing and with the arms on the chair I could not sit all the way to the back of it *and* be close enough to my keyboard. But sans arms I can. I can actually sit with my back right up against the back of the chair! Wow!!! This is going to do wonders for my posture! My RMT (ummm whom I haven't seen since before I went to PEI...stupid dentists cost too much!) will love this!

But there's more! It turns out I was brilliant in a past life as well. It appears that at some point I saw fit to purchase an entire SET of allen keys in various sizes. My guess is that I bought them at a dollarstore (me = brilliant AND frugal). Why is this brilliant??? Because, as always, it happens that the allen key that came with the chair for assembly has gone AWOL. So thanks to this trusty set of cheapass allen keys I could still take the arms off. Yay!

Now I just gotta figure out how to cover up the ugly-ass bolt-type things where the screws are supposed to go.

[To anyone who suggests that I should have thought of this years ago - shut up! I didn't see you offering me any suggestions. :razz:]