Reason #1456 I should not have kids

At least if my cat parenting skills are any indication.

Due my influence (cause you all know I'm scared of bugs), my cat - my CAT - is scared of bugs.

No. I'm not joking.

I've always noticed that Piper was a bit weird about bugs. Things that fly she loves. They are great prey. But the creepy crawlies not so much. But it was just last night that I figured out that she quite possibly scared of them.

I was in bed. Piper was not in the bedroom. I called out to her trying to figure out where she was. Yes, most of the time my cat replies. There was one time when I called into a room in my old apartment and said "Piper, are you in there?" and was greeted with a "mreow!". My roommate was jealous. Her cat doesn't talk back to her.

So last night Piper didn't answer. And I didn't hear her moving around either. This was unusual. So I went out to the living room and there she was sitting by a magazine on the floor all hunched over. I know that hunch. That's her bug hunch. You see, Piper won't try to kill bugs. She hunches over them and looks at them. She keeps her eye on them and stays silent.

When I come near enough to see it she runs away. Cause she knows now that I'll take care of it. And then after she hears the bang (I highly recommend flip-flops for killing bugs) and hides for a few more seconds she cautiously approaches. I've usually left the immediate scene by then to go get a paper towel or tissue so I can clean up the spot. Now she'll hunch but a bit closer and she'll strain forward to sniff. Then when I come back she'll run away again.

My cat. Scared of bugs.