Ohhh surprises!

Do you ever go to check your mail and find a surprise? I mean a good surprise, not a yucky bill surprise.

I had a package in the mail today. My first thought was "Oh goodie, my flatware is here," followed by, "Hey, I told them no safedrop!" I looked more closely at the package and it said book.

Hmm book. I haven't ordered any books. I don't know of any publishers that are sending me books that I haven't gotten already.


Think lady! Thinkkkkkkk! No one is sending you books randomly. You had to give them your address (and um, your name).

I got it! I bet it's Arianna Huffington's book!

It was. You see, BlogHer has this wonderful virtual book tour happening and you could get a free copy of On Becoming Fearless by sending in an email and a code. (And I totally meant to post about this when it was first posted, baaaadddd Sassymonkey!)

Check it out here.

I know they had about 75 copies available. I don't know if they have any left. If you are interested check it out. If there are none left and you want to read it, I can send you my copy when I'm finished. If there are several people who want it maybe we can start a bookring and I'll send it out to one person and they can send it out to the next person on the list, etc.

I'm so happy that I have a long weekend coming up. I have a lot of books to read...