I'm booorrrrrring

Since the whole thing on Friday with the bunny-man-boob and the too-much-sushi I've been a very, very boring monkey girl.

I worked on Saturday and then went on a book binge that lasted until Monday morning.
I baked a cake and now I don't to eat cake again for a very, very long time (there's still some left - lemon cake with butter cream icing - any takers?)

I've read blogs.

I've worked. (And some how, amazingly, kept my patience on a conference call - I tell ya it was a struggle and I only succeeded in pulling it off because no one could see how frustrated I really was - phone meetings have advantages it seems.)

I've pretended to watch tv. Oh - TV! The Bones season premiere is tonight. Maybe Yummypants (as Kit-Cat calls him) will take his shirt off more this season. And oddly, yet appropriately I just started Break No Bones last night. If you don't know what that's appropriate do some research. You'll figure it out.
I feel like I've done an endless pile of dishes. There seems to be nothing but DISHES. I feel like Sisyphus only instead of endless pushing a rock up a hill (or was it a mountain?) I have an endless pile of dishes to wash.

Do you know that I have a three day weekend coming up? Well I have a three day weekend coming up. And I'm going to take all three days. Cause I'm feeling a little burned out. Of course the long range forecast is calling for rain on the weekend (that sooo figures) so I'll probably still be stuck in the house instead of wandering through the neighbourhood but that's ok. I'll clean. I'm thinking about maybe buying some paint and painting things. But I think I'd have to do that in the laundry room (to avoid a certain grey cat from becoming a white cat) so I'd have to check with my fellow tenants to see if that's ok with them.

And I need to attack the garden. It's ummm weedy.

Such an exciting life I lead. Hmmm maybe I should make some ghetto ritas and drink them while attacking the garden. That could make it more interesting...