And sometimes I am stupid

No really. I am. I am stupid because I know better than to do things and I do them anyway even though it's really bad for me. That makes me stupid.

You see I realized around 12:30 that I had to run an errand today. And then I had to choose if I wanted to do it in the middle of the afternoon or wait until "after work" (work is so flexible that I don't know why I distinguish) and real with rush hour traffic and crowded streetcars.

A no brainer really.

So I got dressed (not that I wasn't before) and headed out the door. It was 1pm. I hadn't had lunch. I thought about this but I figured I ate breakfast around 9:30 (and by breakfast I mean a coffee and a poptart - hey, it's usally just a coffee so the poptart is actually a minor improvement) so it wasn't a big deal even though at that moment I was hungry.


First of all I was hungry. Second of all, unless I'm feeling absolutely wonderful streetcars often make me ill.  If I'm at all hungry or dehydrated I get really queasy.

Not that it happened today. No. Because I was hungry, tired and dehydtrated I didn't get queasy.  I got lightheaded.

I'm so bloody freaking brilliant.

So I had to stop for food.  And I did. But then I still felt off. I went and did my errand, got on the street and headed home. At some point 20 screaming 4 yos got on the streetcar. Fun.

Then I got off, when to my corner-store, bought a can of Limonata and sat on the deck and read until it was almost gone. Limonata really needs to be consumed in the sun. It's perfect for sun.

I think I'm going to head out and get some more sun in a bit only take some work out there with me. Summer is almost over and I've missed most of it. There's a definite tinge of fall in the air. It's perfect sitting in the sun weather. I want to go to the cottage but I'm not going to get there until late Ocober at the earliest. *pout*