No Sleepums

I'm tired. Really tired. Overtired.

I don't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep.  And I've discovered that it's catching up with me and I'm really not functioning well.

Today I slipped on a wet spot on the floor (I hate ceramic floors). I've hit my elbows and shins more times than I can count. I've dropped a bazillion things on the floor. I almost dropped my lunch all over the floor (that may not have have been a bad thing as I turned out not to like it and it left me feeling queasy). It was the first meal I've really "cooked" in days because of the heat and that would have made me really cranky. Then I was taking the remains of my lunch (and the yucky leftovers) out to the green bin well I fell (sigh I keep typing feel) going UP the stairs.  I didn't seriously hurt myself. Just a few minor scrapes but as usual I braced myself with my hands and now my wrist is sore. I have weak wrists. It happens every time I fall. It's very annoying.  Then I got chocolate on my pants (yes I ate chocolate).  Then I stabbed my lip with a fork.

And I'm really damned irritable.

My energy level hasn't been this low in a long time.  My concentration ability is shot (which makes for a long and difficult work day in which I struggle to get anything done).

So tonight I'm declaring that I'm going to SLEEP!

Cause I can't take another day of dropping things and bumping into things. And I really need to get work done. The humidity broke and it's not as hot so hopefully I'll sleep ok. Heck maybe I'll actually sleep in my bed instead of on it.