Give it up!

give it upI decided to give Mary Carlomango's Give it Up: my year of learning to live better with less shot after I was disapppointed with Not Buying It. It didn't have stellar review on Amazon but it seemed to be more in the vein of what I was looking for.

I'm struggling to write anything intelligent about this.  You see I started this book about three weeks ago and set it aside with one and half chapters left for one reason or another and just picked it up and finished it last night.  I didn't set it aside cause it was was more that I got distracted by something bright and shiny and forgot about it (plus I haven't been reading as much the last couple of weeks).

Mary decides that she'll give give up something new each month for a year. One month she gives up alcohol, another month chocolate, another taxis, and so on.   For each month she talks about her strategies for giving up that one particular item and how it's made her change the way she views and uses that particular item.

The one thing that confused me is that I'm not entirely sure what year she did all this. One month she gives up elevators and at the end of the chapter mentions how on September 11 she immediately took to the stairs, commenting on how familiar she was with them. This book was published in 2006 so there's a bit of a gap there. Not that there's anything wrong with that gap but bringing in Septemeber 11th confused me because I had assumed that this experiment was more recent. Actually there are also references to her giving up television for a month during the first season of Survivor which I guess would have made it 2000???

Some of the reviews I've read mention that she only gave up things for a month. While it's true that a month isn't quite the same as what the Not Buying It people did, it's still hard.  Ok, I'm sure some people probably take the stairs instead of the elevator. But I know I didn't in my last office building. I likely would have been more inclined to if the they had spruced up the stairwells to make them more user-friendly.  They always kind of reminded me of movies where people are being chased down stairwells by bad guys with guns... In any case, giving things up is hard.  As soon as you decide not to do something that's absolutely all that you want to do.  Personally I could probably give up chocolate for a month. Or my cell phone. I could definitely give up elevators (actually I don't remember the last time I was in one). But I think I'd be hard-pressed to think of something to give up every month for a year.

However, I can tell you there's no way that that books would make it onto that list...or the internet. lol