Quilter's Apprentice

quilters apprenticeI almost forgot that I finished Jennifer Chiaverini's The Quilter's Apprentice last night.

I have to admit quilting intrigues me. As does knitting, crochet, tatting, etc. I think maybe it's because I grew up someplace that still had a lot of traditional practices and I knew women who did all those things. Every year there is an "exhibition" and part of that is the Women's Institute Handicraft Competition and Demonstrations. I loved looking at the quilts. No one in my family was great at making quilts. I think because they didn't have the time. Quilts take a loooonngg time. Maybe I'll attempt one at some point in my life (not right now...but maybe some day).

Sarah and her husband Matt move to a new town because he found a job there after being out of work for months. She is now out of one. After accompanying him to a job site (he does landscape) she finds herself butting heads with his new client, Mrs. Compson. She and Mrs. Compson make a sort of peace and Sarah starts working with her at Elm Creek Manor, helping her clean and restore the estate so she can sell it. Part of her payment for the work is in the form of quilting lessons. Sarah also joins a local quilting guild (an offshoot of the larger local more political quilting guild). She soons learns there are issues between Mrs. Compson and the locals.

I'm not going to lie, a lot of it is predictable. And Sarah can get a bit irritating because she is constantly beating herself up for saying the wrong thing or just not doing things good enough. It's the type of irritating where if she were your friend you'd give her a kick in the ass. But the book also has lots of history and information about quilting. And an interesting little rant by one of the quilting ladies about how quilting isn't considered an "art" because it's thought of as "women's work".

This is part of a series and I think I'll add the second one to my list. Thanks Marg for bringing these to my attention. (And woohoo for actually remembering who brought them to my attention! I never remember!!!)