People on the TTC

In a city of 4.5 million people I'm bound to encounter some weird things. Especially since I use public transit. The TTC is nothing if not interesting some days.

Like yesterday. I get on the subway and take a seat. I notice that the middle-aged man across from me is slouching oddly. Whatever. He's probably tired. Who's not? Then a couple of stops later I notice movement. From his sweater. His rather misshapen man boob is MOVING. Then there is something grey and furry coming out of this shirt!


I'm on a subway. Grey + furry immediately brings to mind a RAT. My body is getting ready to transport me very quickly to the other end of the subway when I realize it's not a rat.

It's a little bunny.

The man had a bunny in his sweater. His weird man boob was actually a bunny.

That was far preferable to the trip home last night. I was in a subway car, and then a bus with a HERD, yes a HERD of semi-drunk (or in some cases, really damned drunk) teens. I would guess their ages to be about 16. Maybe 17. And by herd I mean at least 20 of them. They were very loud. And annoying. And loud. And I was stuck with them for about 25 minutes. It was not fun.

I'll take the bunny man boob over drunk teens any day.