Ask and you shall receive...

I've post the recipe for Chili-Lime Popcorn on my food blog (it's getting way more attention than normal this week from me...poor little blog). Looking for something to go with them? How about some Ghetto Ritas (as Lee calls them).

I keep hearing about really interesting books on the radio this week. That's what I get for listening to CBC Radio I guess (it would be similar to NPR in the US). This morning's book was Conversation: The History of a Declining Art. It's, unsurprisingly, about the decline of conversation, but more specifically "the discussion of great and small topics by people who practice mutual tolerance for opposing viewpoints." It looks interesting. If you click on the link you can look inside the book and read the first few pages.

I actually went into a bookstore last night and didn't buy anything. Aren't you impressed? I think the main reason why I didn't buy anything was because I was filled to the gills with sushi. My friend and I went to an "all you can eat" sushi place. After we ordered a ton of food we noticed the small print on the bottom that said "if you don't eat it all you have to pay for what you didn't eat a la carte". Hee-hee...oops! We ate every last damn morsel. It was a lot of food. A LOT OF FOOD. I don't think I want to more raw fish for awhile. So in the bookstore afterwards I alternated between picking up books and rubbing my very full belly.

And then I went and had a margarita. :)