I had always heard that as you get older time, or your perception of it, speeds up.

This summer has sped by and time just keeps spinning and spinning. I missed most of it and I'm going to miss a good portion of the rest of it because I have a lot of work to do. I had planned to work tonight but today was so exhausting it just wasn't happening. I'm running out of steam. I feel like I've been running full speed all week. So I gave myself the night off. Of course this means that tomorrow I'm goign to have to put the pedal to the metal tomorrow and work my hinny off cause I can't stop tomorrow until stuff gets done. Once I get this stuff out of the way I'm still going to have to work extra hours but I think I'll be ok to only work until 7 or 8 in the evenings and then only one day on the weekend.

It's really odd though. My apartment always gets messy when I'm busy. But it's bugging me A LOT right now. Since I went on that organization binge I'm having a much harder time tolerating clutter and mess. This is so NOT me. I am Ms. Clutter. Don't get me wrong. My apartment is still full of clutter. But it's mostly organized clutter you know?

Ok, time to do some yoga and go to bed. I did yoga earlier this week for the first time in months and it really showed how badly I've been treating my body. I'm soooo stiff. I've been wanting to do it every night since but it just wasn't working. So tonight it's yoga and then early to bed.