Well Stocked

I am well stocked. My cupboards are full. The freezer is full. about to get more full.

I have wonderful friends. And one particular pair of wonderful friends has this amazing piece of technology known to many as a car.  I don't have a car. So when I go grocery shopping I have to carry every last bit home, usually strapped to my back in a backpack. I occasionally resemble a pack-mule.

But I got to go NUTS in the grocery store this week cause I didn't have to carry things home. Woohoo!!! I haven't done that in a looonnnggggg time.  I love it when people with cars take me grocery shopping. It's always a big bill but I try to pick up heavy things and stock up on staples.

So's I'se gots plans.

First of all I have to make things. Such as marinara sauce. I have been out of marinara sauce for sooooo long. Ok. It hasn't been that long. It's been since June. But that feels like forever.  I simply cannot stand bottled sauce cause I've been living off my own for so long. Homemade tomato sauce - even when it's a really basic marinara sauce - is the shizzahz. And it's ridiculously easy to make.  And it's pretty cheap to make. And, best of all, it's really easy to modify. I freeze mine in containers that will yield several servings. I can take a container out and just modify that one container. I can add meat. Or spinach. Or olives. Or cheese. Or make it a rose sauce.  Sooooo many possibilities. You really only need a couple of stalks of celery so I'll also chop and freeze the remaining celery and I won't need to buy it next time. I may do the same with the carrots too.

I'm also going to make some hashbrown casserole. I've been wanting it for awhile. Instead of making it in one big dish, Ii'll split it in two and stick one in the freezer. My freezer is seeing some action right now.

I have green seedless grapes in the fridge that need to be cleaned and put in snack sized bags and frozen for mid-day snacks.

I have about half a loaf of french bread that is getting kind of stale so I'm going to dice it up and make croutons (hmm maybe flavoured ones...I like me some garlic croutons). And then I'll freeze those too. They'll be good in soup.

I'm also going to bake a cake. Why? Cause I want cake dammit. Cake makes me happy.

Since I'm quite busy at work right now. It's great knowing that I have a full fridge and freezer.

But I clearly can't do this all at once.

Today - marinara sauce, grapes and croutons.

Tomorrow- hashbrown casserole

Saturday- cake

After all that I shouldn't have to go to the grocery store for much of anything expect maybe milk and fresh produce. I also meat in the freezer too. And I think I still have some enchilada casserole in there.

I'm in good shape. :)