Sassymonkey’s Ghetto Margaritas

While I didn't think up these when I lived in the student ghetto they are just sooo student ghetto it's not funny. Actually it kinda is cause the entire time I lived in the student ghetto I didn't drink tequila. There was a night during the Ice Storm of 98 that involved a lot of tequila and one really drunk and then really hungover monkeygirl. What's the student ghetto? The student ghetto is actually a specific area in Montreal, also know as the McGill Ghetto. It starts are Universite and goes to...well that's a matter of debate. Some people says it stops at Parc. Other says it stops a St. Laurent but then it overlaps with streets that are in the Plateau. But since this matters to no one but me I'll shut up now and just say that it's a student ghetto which means tiny overpriced apartments with horrible landlords and often (but not always, I didn't have any cause I would have flipped the heck out) cockroaches.

I created these sometime around the end of May or beginning of June. I was celebrating the end of a friends job with her as she was about to move away last month and we took the ghettoness of these to a new level. Since everything was packed we mixed these margs in a BIG GULP cup from 7-Eleven. We clearly have no class but honestly I think we should win something for the best use of a Big Gulp cup.

Right...I'm still babbling. I'm tired. Have I mentioned that? I'm really tired. Things are busy and yucky things are happening to people I know and I want a day off but that's so not going to happen any time soon (including the weekend...sigh).

Someone mentioned that Sassymonkey probably has a tequila recipe and I do! And if I don't post it now I never will and that's a fact because I've been telling myself I need to do this for two darned months.

So here it is.
Sassymonkey's Ghetto Margaritas

  • 1 can of frozen limeade

  • water

  • tequila

  • BONUS: triple sec but dude these are ghetto margs so you really don't need it

Empty the can of limeade in a container. Add 1 to 1 1/2 cans water. Add 1/2 can of tequila. If using triple sec add about 1/4 can. Stir. Pour into glasses (preferably with a salted rim). Enjoy.

banana.gif Monkey Note 1: Don't like the taste of tequila but must use tequila? Use a can of pink lemonade. You really can't taste it at all. (Lemonade is pretty darned tasty too but you can taste the tequila with it.)

banana.gif Monkey Note 2: These are surprisingly yummy and it's easy to umm overindulge in them. And to make three pitchers in one night for 2 people (1 lime, 1 pink lemonade, 1 lemonade). Not that I would know anything about that. Nooooooooooooooo not me. Proceed at your own risk and let it be known that Sassymonkey accepts no responsibility for any thing you may do due to consuming these drinks or for your hangover. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!