More Book Awards

The nominees for the Quill Award have been announced and YOU CAN VOTE! Woohoo! I've even read some the books! Wow! That doesn't usually happen until after nominees are announced for things!

In the Debut Author cateogory I've read Julie and Julia and have The Madonnas of Leningrad on my library request list (I think...the system is down and I can't check right now - y'all know how much that bugs me). I haven't listened to any of the books in the Audio Books category but I've read A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore and loved it. I bet it would make a great audio book. In Children's Chapter Book/Middle Grade I've heard really good things about Inkspell and plan to read it (at some point...). Young Adult/Teen - so far I've only read Eldest but have King Dork, Dairy Queen, and The Book Thief all on my list. And I've heard of Elsewhere but can't remember what I heard about it.

Check it out and vote!

Edit: I just realized I didn't scroll all the way down to the bottom. I've also read The Masque of the Black Tulip (good, but read The Secret History of the Pink Carnation first). And The Year of Magical Thinking. And My Life in France.

I think I have them all now. I really need to stop multi-tasking. ;)