Call me a sucker

For that is what I am.

When I hear people, especially authors, talk about books I get the overwhelming urge to read that book. You know how movie zombies run around with their arms outstretched moaning "BRAINS, BRAAAINNSSS"???

Picture me doing that, minus the blood and gore, and moaning "BOOOOOOKSSS, must have BOOOKSSS!"

this is your brain on musicThey just finished talking about This is Your Brain on Music on Sounds Like Canada (that's CBC radio by the way). While this is not a book I'd normally read after hearing the interview with the author I simply must. read. this. book. (I've checked, it's available in the US as well.)

I like music but I never really pay much attention to it. I think it's partly because I always found music to be an expensive pursuit. All those CDs and tapes (ohh yeah, I remember tapes) were just simply beyond my budget and I found it too hard to stay on top of what was "cool". So I just kinda stopped paying attention to all but a few groups (Moist anyone???).

But books, books were everywhere. There were libraries and I had to learn to like the library cause no one could afford to keep me in books (I understand, I can't afford to keep me in books either). And second-hand bookstores. And yard sales. All over the place.

So I chose books.

And now I feel like I NEED to read this particular books about music. And I've added it to my request list even though I said I wouldn't add ANYTHING to it until it got below 40 requests. I'm just having on everything book-related.

Books. They're the new crack.