The Cave

Yes, I know last night I didn't post what I caved on. I only had a few minutes to post. :)

birth house

I figure it's ok to cave on this because I've wanted it since it came out in February. And I had tried to buy it on sale but they were sooolllddd out at that store. HMPH! Now before y'all start screaming "elusive Canadian book" I have news for you.

Today is the release date for it in the US! See! I had another reason for waiting! Although it does seem to have a different cover in the US. This is what is showing.

This book comes highly recommended by everyone who has read it. And it's reaaallllly popular at my library. The TPL has 230 copies and 1057 hold requests!

Ami McKay also has a blog. While you are at it, check out the Wise Women Blog Tour. (Notice that she's guest bytch for I'm going to be one too in a few months.)