Stupid teeth

I had my consultation with the oral surgeon yesterday. He seems like a very nice person. But he's still really scary.

My teeth, very simply, have to come out. They aren't causing me pain but they gotta come out. The reason they have to come out is that they are all partially erupted and are all difficult to clean. Oh, and two are impacted and coming in sideways. So out they will come on September 21. The stupid sideways teeth cost more than twice as much as the other guy. Yuck.

But I'm getting lots of drugs. A small blessing in the big picture I suppose. And I'll have to buy more drugs after the surgery. I haven't been on antibiotics in yeaarrsss but I do remember that they cost a lot (I'm allergic to the most common ones). And I'll have to get painkillers too.

Luckily I have people to take care of me after the surgery. I think that's the only reason why my mother's head hasn't exploded.

Stupid teeth.