Persuasion - SRC #19

persuasionYes, I'm still pecking away at my SRC books. And yes, it's another Austen book (I have at least one more kicking around here too!).

I have to say I enjoyed this one way more than Emma. And Sense and Sensibility. Persuasion seems to get less attention than many of Austen's other books. It's a shame because I rather enjoyed it.

As usual, the first few chapters were occupied with trying to figure out exactly who everyone is. But that's par for the course with Austen's books. Once I got past that part I really found myself enjoying Anne Elliot's character. She's really quite likable.

I'm not going to say that it wasn't predictable. Things happened more or less as I expected they would. I think I want this in a hard cover. I've noticed that Indigo has a small but decent selection of cloth-bound classics. I may have to check and see if they have this one.

Now...I must decide what to read next. I'll consult my library catalogue and compare against the other books I have lying around and see what catches my fancy.