Routine??? Hmmmm

It seems like I am starting to get into a routine of cleaning the apartment on Sundays. I've been doing better in general but Sundays seem to be the day for sweeping everything and cleaning the bathroom etc.  Clothes get put away. Dishes aren't really a huge issue since I've been staying on top of them fairly well.

Since the evil vile neighbours are even bye-bye now I can even do the odd load of laundry on the weekends.  I try really hard to get mine done during the week while I'm working since I CAN do it during the day and the people I share the laundry facilities can't. But there are times where I really do need to do a load on the weekends - like today. I realized that I have no clean jeans right now and an appointment tomorrow that requires me leaving the house.  I'm sorry but I'm simply not going to wear dress pants or a skirt to go see the oral surgeon. The whole wisdom teeth thing is scaring me anyway so I'm sure as hell not going to dress up for it.  When I get the surgery done (I'll find out the date tomorrow) my plan is to wear comfy clothes. And since I'll be going to a friends place after (the whole shouldn't be alone and on drugs thing...) I'm going to bring a backpack with comfy clothes so I can be high as a kite in satin lounge pants. Cause satin lounge pants are where it's at.

(Note to self: by Mom a pair for Christmas so she will stop mentioning how much she loved mine...)

Oh right, I was talking about cleaning and stuff wasn't I?

I've decided that the whole revamping of the bedroom was one of the best things I've done in a long time. It's much easier to keep things cleaner when most things have a spot.  Keyword there being "most". Some things are still homeless and may indeed may have one foot out the door on the way to Goodwill. I still have do some purging and buy some plastic containers but I think I'm doing good. I think this is the cleanest I've kept any of the apartments I've lived in and I think the fact that it's so tiny has a lot to do with it. If things get messy they get in the way and I end up really irritated.

Now that I seem to be getting this in order I just have to start working some exercise into my routine...sigh. I know my back would thank me. And maybe it would help with that whole sleeping thing.