Sweet Sleep

I did something after work that I never do because I do it really poorly. I took a nap.

I'm not one of those people who can take a 20 minute nap. Or even an hour nap. I can't take a nap and set the alarm. Cause I'll just stress out about how I'm not falling asleep and I'll only have x minutes then. So tonight I took a nap cause I figured I'm not going to sleep very well anyway cause it's HOT here (with the humidex it hit 47C (116F) today and it's 45C (113F) out right now...). So I napped for about 2.5 hours. I didn't sleep really *well* but just as well as I've been sleeping at night all week. Then got up and ate dinner. Just so you know...30 second bacon ROCKS. It's too hot to really cook so 30 second bacon makes it easssyyyy to make a BLT. In a little bit I'm going to have some fruit. And then after X-Weighted (a repeat but it's Jocelyn and she's one of my favourites - I think because she reminds me of my sister Maggie...) and Taking it Off are over I'm going back to bed and reading.

I'm not going to whine about it being hot because it doesn't bother me *too* much (even if it makes me really tired and irritable) but man do I feel bad for people in high-rises without a/c. Or people with breathing difficulties.

[Edit: I actually am planning posts that aren't "filler" at some point. But right now it's too damn hot (that's a statement, not a whine) to be articulate and I need to save my brain cells for work. ]