Blog Maintainance

So Heather recently brought it to my attention that unless you know me, you're probably not going to find my name on this blog.  It wasn't my intention to be as anonymous as I apparently am so I've added an "About" page to the sidebar. Actually the page has been there for awhile but I didn't realize it wasn't showing. And then I checked and nope, it didn't have my name either.  But now it does. :) You can clicky if you like but I'll be nice and tell you my name is Karen. But if you want you can call me Sassymonkey. Or Monkey. Or Sassy. Or Hey You. I'll probably answer. ;)

Plus, I keep getting emails that start "Hello Sassymonkey" and they make me giggle.

I have a three day weekend coming up and I'm hoping to do some maintenance on all my blogs so if you link to Sassymonkey Reads and you don't see your blog in my blogroll leave me a comment with your URL and I'll check you out and add you. :)  Gotta share the linky love.