Let's recap shall we?

  • Somehow I managed to burn my finger last night. I don't remember burning my finger. But there is a burn. And it's sore. My finger hurts

  • Last night my left ovary decided that it hated me and tried to drill it's way out of my body. I'd get in one position and be ok and fall asleep but then I'd stretch in my sleep and jolt awake feeling as though a knife was stabbing me from the inside out. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. Ovulating is a bitch.

  • Today is Thursday. Thursday's are my newly designated Starbucks morning. But because I was painfully ovulating last night I overslept (cause of COURSE I feel asleep right before the alarm went off) and got up just in time to log in to work.

  • There is something wrong with one of my documents and I can't work on one of my assignments until I talk to the tech guys and find out how serious it is and if I can fix it. Of course I didn't hear from the tech guys today.

  • So I worked on some other stuff. Of my "requests" I was about to do one out of three. I hate these things.

  • So I tried to actually do some, you know, WRITING. I'm missing information I need to write what I need to write. Sigh.

I believe I officially dislike today.

I want candy.