Don't F*%^ the Frosh

Students are getting ready to head to university. My first week of university wasn't at all about classes - there were no classes! It was about FROSH. Frosh and the level of partiness that it's associated with varies. My school? Well the legal drinking age in Quebec is 18. I was in a city that had a strip club on pretty much every corner. If if there wasn't a strip club there was a sex shop (oh Sexe Cite how I miss you...). The majority of people entering first year are 18. All that tends to equal a party. Especially when you add in a bunch of 18yo American students who are spending their first week away from their parents. There were pub crawls. There were drinking "events". All supervised by "frosh leaders". The number one rule for frosh leaders (who were mostly 2nd and 3rd year students) = DON'T FUCK THE FROSH! I don't think many of them listened. Some...but not many. So frosh - don't fuck your frosh leaders! They only want you cause you are drunk and easy and vulnerable and will likely forget to say hi to you after frosh is over (no, I'm actually not speaking from experience here - I was a good girl during frosh...well mostly - I did have an awful lot of shooters - but I didn't fuck the frosh leaders...or anyone else for that matter - I was doing the long-distance relationship thing).

Advice for new college students is starting to pop up. My advice?

  • Bring shower shoes.

  • If you have a co-ed bathroom knock on the shower door before you enter. There are some guys you just don't want to see neked.

  • Don't skip breakfast - it's usually the only meal the caf doesn't totally ruin.

  • My caf offered bag lunches which I found very helpful because I often had class during lunch.

  • My first week I learned that juice was a dessert but I think that was just our totally whacked out caf so feel free to ignore that.

  • Study. Don't wait until midterms to study. If you don't study and only party until midterms you will suddenly find yourself flunking. People on my floor had to deal with this.

  • That doesn't mean don't have fun. Have fun! Fun is good! It keeps you sane.

  • Go to the gym! Hahahahahaha. Sorry. That's do-as-I-say and totally not do-as-I-did advice. But seriously - the gym is a great place to destress.

  • Get involved on campus. It's a good way to meet people.

  • Speaking of meeting people - live in a dorm for at least one year. You'll meet lots of people that way. I know people who didn't and they found it hard to meet people.

  • Get to know your library. If you library offers "how to use the library" tours take one. The library and you are gonna be involved so you might as well make it a healthy relationship.

  • Don't be afraid to talk to your professors. If you don't like speaking up in a class go see them during their office hours to ask questions. That's how I got to be friends with my professor and later became his cat-sitter and became friends with his wife as well. They ended up sort of adopting me and had me over for dinner about once a month to feed me real food like pot roast and roast chicken. Mmmm home cooked meal.

  • Skipping the occasional class is ok but skipping classes on a regular basis is only going to hurt you.

  • Shop for classes - you are registered for a class and HATE it and it's not required drop it and take something else. If you hate it you won't go.

  • Some schools offer an "alternate frosh" which is less about the partying and more about culture and activism. If this is more your thing look into it. If your school doesn't offer it try to set something up for next year's frosh.

  • If you are in a co-ed dorm - don't fuck your neighbours. Everyone will find out. We certainly heard about everyone that everyone else had sex with (again not me because of that whole long distance relationship thing even though it fizzled before Christmas - by then I had lost respect for most of the guys on my floor and the ones I didn't were good friends by that point and messing up friendships is something I try not to do).


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