Today was the day of the month where the library posts its acquisitions for the month. So there I am, happily clicking through them. For a change I was being much pickier than normal and books that I wasn't really sure of I was adding to a list to email to myself later (the library does this, it's awesome for doing research...).

Then I go to click on a book to request and get this message:
You have already placed 50 holds, which is the maximum for your library.

In other words - stop it you greedy bugger!!! Other people want books too you know!

I've been edging 50 for a couple of months now. When if first started requesting books I limited myself to less than 10. And then 25. And then I tried to keep it around 30. And then the next thing I knew it was always above 40. Then 45. Apparently I've hit the ceiling and they are rejecting me.


In my defense (he!) it was the addition of cds and dvds that really pushed me over the edge. Well...ok...fine. Maybe two months ago I could have said that it was the addition of those that lead me to believe that I had far less items on my list.

I guess aside from buying books maybe I need to restrict myself from requesting them too since I obviously have a problem.