Happy Birthday Blog

I meant to post this earlier today but stuff got in the way. Mostly work. And then after work I spent a few hours with friends I haven't seen in several months (the mommies and the wee redhead for those of you who know them).

But I still got here in time. Happy Birthday Blog! It was a year ago today that I started Sassymonkey Reads (first at blogspot and them moved to this location in May I think). Even though I had been blogger elsewhere for about a year I started this blog so that I could keep track of what I've read and whether or not I liked it. And it's helped a lot. Thank you blog.

At first it was pretty much just Denise and Katie who read it (and Kit-Cat) but now all of you lovely people do. Thanks for reading me and my babblings! And for sending me emails that say "Hi Sassymonkey" cause they make me laugh (I've gotten them even after I posted my name, woohoo!). And for understanding my need to constantly check my library account and understanding my distress when I can't. And for letting me know I'm not the only one struggling with the Summer Reading Challenge. For starting the Summer Reading Challenge. For reading me even though I rarely say much about the actual books because I'm too tired to articulate anything (technical jobs can sap that from you). For introducing me to new books through your own blogs.

It looks like in the next few months I may be getting some free books coming my way to review. After I've read them (which you know, might take awhile, I do get bogged down) and decide that I will *not* die if I don't continue to own them (cause I do expect a couple of those to come my way) I will pass along the books to other bloggers. :)

Blogs have been wonderful to me and they are opening up opportunities here and there for me. And that wouldn't happen if people didn't find me and read me. So thank you.

My readers rock.